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Image shows the title of a webinar recording about microalgae cultivation in raceways: An online virtual tool to simulate microalgae cultivation in raceway reactors
Microalgae production

Webinar recording: Microalgae production in raceway reactors

Microalgae production in raceway reactors Two major production technologies are in use to cultivate microalgae: tubular photo-bioreactors and raceway systems. This article is about optimising microalgae cultivation in raceways. What are raceways? Raceway ponds are open cultivation systems that today can have a size of up to 10.000 square metres. They offer a low-cost investment

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Microalgae: A Sustainable Solution for Fish Feed

As the global demand for seafood continues to rise, the traditional reliance on fish-based feed for aquaculture is posing significant environmental challenges. However, a promising solution lies in the untapped potential of microalgae. These microscopic organisms not only offer a sustainable alternative to fish feed but also bring numerous environmental benefits. In this article, we

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Why we should recycle agricultural wastewater and how microalgae can help

Water is essential for life. Humans survive only about three days without water intake. Animals and plants need it. Industry also needs it to generate energy, manufacture goods or grow crops. With the growing population, the demand for freshwater is constantly increasing. According to a United Nations forecast from 2015, the global freshwater resources will

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algae culture
algae culture

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