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Fighting water pollution and shortage with algae

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Scientific publications

Thermochemical valorization of greenhouse cucumber, tomato and pepper as biofuel

Pinna-Hernándeza et al. 2023

Influence of pH and dissolved oxygen control strategies on the performance of pilot-scale microalgae raceways using fertilizer or wastewater as the nutrient source

Nordio et al. 2023

ABACO-2: a comprehensive model for microalgae-bacteria consortia validated outdoor at pilot-scale

Nordio et al. 2023

A stochastic nonlinear predictive controller for solar collector fields under solar irradiance forecast uncertainties

Pataro et al. 2023

An artificial intelligence approach for identification of microalgae cultures

Otálora et al. 2023

A learning-based model predictive strategy for pH control in raceway
photobioreactors with freshwater and wastewater cultivation media

Pataro et al. 2023

Screening of several microalgae revealed biopesticide properties of Chlorella sorokiniana against the strawberry pathogen Phtytophthora catorum

Jokel et al. 2023

Use of airfoils for enhancement of photosynthesis rate of microalgae in raceways

Inostroza et al. 2023

Data-driven pH model in raceway reactors for freshwater and wastewater cultures

Otálora et al. 2023

Modelado y control del pH en la producción de microalgas en reactores raceway usando técnicas de adaptación de parámetros

Caparroz et al. 2023

Long-term assessment of the nutrient recovery capacity and biomass productivity of Scenedesmus almeriensis in raceway reactors using unprocessed urban wastewater

Nordio et al. 2023

A novel control system approach to enhance the efficiency of solar photo-Fenton microcontaminant removal in continuous flow raceway pond reactors

Rodríguez-García et al. 2023

Pozo Dengra, 2022

An IoT platform for data management in an industrial-scale microalgae cultivation plant

Muñoz et al. 2022

Model based optimal control of the photosynthetic growth of microalgae in a batch photobioreactor

Ifrim et al. 2022

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Policy brief

What is to know about water discharge and reuse in the EU and its countries? What is needed to bring about efficient recycling of water and its safe discharge? Starting from 2025, we‘ll share our insights with you.

REALM best practices

You are a farmer and want to adapt our concept? Great! We‘ll publish a guide which shares tips on how you can adapt the REALM concept to your operations. Available by June 2026.

REALM business model

Read a detailed analysis of the market, our concept and the possibility for its successful uptake. It will be ready in summer 2026.

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