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27nov15h0016h15Free webinarAn online virtual tool to simulate microalgae cultivation in raceway reactors

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Monday, 27th November 2023, 15:00 – 16:15 CET
Free admission

Microalgae can be cultivated in raceway reactors. These open cultivation systems offer low-cost investement and operation, but have a lower biomass productivity than other cultivation systems.
What are the factors that influence the growth rate in raceway reactors? How can they be estimated to better understand the behaviour of the system and optimise cultivation?
In the webinar, the latest know-how on the factors that influence microalgae production in raceway ponds will be shared. With this knowledge, participants will be introduced to a new online simulation tool, designed to help better understand microalgae production in raceway reactors.
The simulation tool allows to determine starting parameters for algae cultivation, solve the process dynamics and optimise production. It can also compare manual operation and automatic control of raceway reactors. As such it can help workers in microalgae facilities, but can also be used to introduce people to microalgae production and teach them about the behaviour of raceway bioreactors.
Microalgae experts as well as non-specialists who want to learn how to use the simulation tool are welcome to register for the free webinar. Stay updated about the event and the REALM project by following us on LinkedIn or X



27 November 2023 15h00 - 16h15 CET(GMT+02:00)